برق. قدرت. کنترل. الکترونیک. مخابرات. تاسیسات.

دایره المعارف تاسیسات برق (اطلاعات عمومی برق)

abandon desert; leave without planning to come back; quit abandon oneself to When Roy abandoned his family, the police went looking for him.
bachelor a man who has not married;oppo. Spinster   My brother took an oath to remain a bachelor.
data facts; information take data The data about the bank robbery were given to the F.B.I.
gallant brave; showing respect for women play the gallant The pilot swore a gallant oath to save his buddy
hardship something that is hard to bear; difficulty   The fighter had to face many hardships before he became champion.
jealous afraid that the one you love might prefer someone else; wanting what someone else has be jealous of Although my neighbor just bought a new car, I am not jealous of him.
keen sharp; eager; intense; sensitive   My dog has keen sense of smell.
oath a promise that something is true; a curse on oath In court, the witness took an oath that he would tell the whole truth.
qualify become fit; show that you are able be qualifed for You have to be taller than 5'5" to qualify as a policeman in our town.
tact ability to say the right thing   Your friends will admire you if you use tact and thoughtfulness.
unaccustomed not use to something be unaccustomed to Unaccustomed as he was to exercise, Vic quickly became tired.
vacant empty; not filled be vacant of I put my coat on that vacant seat.
conceal hide conceal oneself Tris could not conceal his love for Cloria.
corpse a dead body,usually of a person   The corpse was laid to rest in the vacant coffin.
dismal dark and depressing be in the dismals I am unaccustomed to this dismal climate.
frigid very cold a frigid manner Inside the butcher's freezer the temperature was frigid.
inhabit live in   Eskimos inhabit the friged part ofAlaska.
numb without the power of feeling;deadined numb with cold My fingers quickly became numb in the friged room.
peril danger   There is great peril in trying to climb the mountain.
recline lie down;stretch out;lean back recline on Richard likes to recline in front of the television set.
shriek scream shriek for The maid shrieked when she discovered the corpse.
sinister evil;wicked;dishonest;frightening   The sinister plot to cheat the widow was uncovered by the police.
tempt try to get some to do something;test;invite be tempted to do A banana split can tempt me to break my diet.
wager bet wager on I lost a small wager on the Superbowl.
annual once a year;something that appears yearly or lasts for a year   The publishers of the encyclopedia put out a book each year called an annual
blend mix together thoroughly; a mixture blend into, with When Jose blends the potatoes together, they come out very smooth.
devise think out;plan;invent device for If we could devise a plan for using the abandaonded building, we could save thousands of dollars.
essential necessary;very important essential to, for It is esssntial that we follow the road map.
expensive costly; high-priced   Because the stars are visible, the sky has to become quite dark.
minimum The least posssible amount; the lowest amount minimum of, keep/reduce sth to a minimum keep/reduce sth to a minumun Studies show that adults need a mininum of six hours sleep.
persuade win over to do or believe;make willing persuade into No one could persuade the captain to leave the sinking ship.
scarce hard to get;rare make (oneself) scarce Because there is little moistur in the desert, trees are scarce.
talent natural ability talent for Feeling that he had the essential talent, Crlos tried out for the school play.
typical usual;of a kind typical of The sinister character in the movie wore a typical costume, a dark shirt, loud tie, and tight jacket.
visible able to be seen   You need a powerful lens to make some germs visible.
wholesale in large quantity;less than retail in price   By buying my ties wholesale I save fifteem dollar a year.
circulate go around; go from place to place or person to person   A fan may circulate the air in summer, but it doesn't cool it.
dense closely packed together; thick   His keen knife cut through the dense jungle.
descend go or come down from a high place to a lower level descend from If we let theory out of a ballon, it will have to descend.
eliminate get rid of; remove; omit eliminate from When figuring the cost of a car, don't eliminate such extras as air conditioning.
enormous extremely large; huge   Public hangings once drew enormous crowds.
humid moist; damp   Most people believe that ocean air is quite humid.
predict tell beforehand   Weathermen can predict the weather correctly most of the time.
theory explanation based on thought, observation, or reasoning   My uncle has a theory about the effect of weather on baseball batters.
utilize make use of   No one seems willing to utilize this vacant house.
vanish disappear; disappear suddenly   Given him a week without a job and all his money will vanish.
vapor moisture in the air that can be seen; fog; mist   He has gathered data on the amount of vapor rising from the swamp.
villain a very wicked person   The villain concealed the corpse in the cellar.
assemble gather together; bring together assemble into The fioters assembled outside the White House.
burden what is carried; a load   Irma found the enormous box too much of a burden.
campus grounds of a college, university, or school   The compus was designed to utilize all of the college's buildings.
debate a discussion in which reasons for and against something are brought out debate with oneself The debate between the two candidates was heated.
evade get away form by trickery or cleverness   Juan tried to evade the topic by changing the subject.
explore go over carefully; look inot closely; examine   Lawyer spence explored the essential reasons for the crime.
majority the larger number; greater part; more than half   A majority of votes was needed for the bill to pass.
probe search into; examine thoroughly; investigate   The lawyer probed the man's mind to see if he was innocent.
reform make better; improve by removing faults reform oneself after the prison riot, the council decided to reform the correctional system.
rural in the country   Tomatoes are ess expensive at the rural farm stand.
topic subject that people think, write, or talk about   Valerie only discussed topics that she knew well.
tradition belifs,oinions, and customs handed down form one generation to another by tradition All religions have different beliefs and traditions.
approch come near or nearer to approch sb/sth for/about (doing) sth Ben approached the burden of getting a job with a new spirit.
client person for whom a lawyer acts; customer client The lawyer told her client that she could predict the outcome of his trial
comprehensive including much; covering completely comprehensive The engineer gave our house a thorough, comprehensive check-up before my father bought it.
deceive make someone believe as true something that is false;mislead deceive sb into doing sth, deceive yourself The villain deceived Chief White Cloud by pretending to be his friend.
defraud take money, rights, etc, away by cheatin defraud of By defraud his friend, Dexter ruined a family tradition of honesty.
detect find out; discover   My Chevrolet was sent back to the factory because of a steering defect
employee a person who works for pay   My boss had to fire many employees when meat became scarce.
neglect give too little care of or attention to neglect of The senator neglected to make his annual report to Congress.
popular liked by most people popular with The Beatles wrote many popular songs.
thorough being all that is needed; complete thorough My science teacher praised Sandy for doing a thorough job of cleaning up the lab.
undoubtedly certainly; beyond doubt undoubtedly The pilgrims undoubtedly assembled to travel to Rome together.
capsule a small case or covering   He explored the space capsule for special equipment.
consent agree; give permission or approval consent to David would not consent to our plan.
denounce condermn in public; express strong disapproval of denounce to The father denounced his son for lying to the district attorney.
gloomy dark; dim; inlow spirits   Jones Beach is not so beautiful on a gloomy day.
massive big and heavy; large and solid; bulky   The boss asked some employees to lift the massive box.
molest interfere with and trouble; disturb   My neighbor was molested when walking home from the subway.
postpone put off to a later time; delay postpone ~ing I neglected to postpone the party because I thought everyone would be able to come.
preserve keep from harm or change; keep safe; protect preserve from Farmers feel that their rural homes should be preserved.
resent feel injured and angered at (something) resent for Bertha resented the way her boyfriend treated her.
torrent any violent, rushing stream; flood in torrent A massive rain was coming down in torrents.
unforeseen not known beforehand; unexpected   We had some unforeseen problems with the new engine.
unique having no like or equal; being the only one of its kind   Albie has a unique collention of Israeli stamps.
amateur per who does something for pleasure, not for money or as a profession   The amateur cross-country runner wanted to be in the Olympics.
bulky taking up much space;large   The massive desk was quite bulky and impossible to carry.
exaggerate make something greater than it is; overstate exaggerate on The bookeeper exaggerated her importance to the company.
mediocre neither good nor bad;average;ordinary   The movie wasn't a great one;it was only mediocre.
obvious easily seen of understood; clear to the eye or ming:not to be doubted;plain   The fact that Darcy was a popular boy was obvious to all.
prominent well-known;important   My client is a prominent businessperson.
reluctant unwilling   I was relucctant to give up the security of family life.
security freedom from danger, care, or fear;feeling or condition of being safe in security Pablo wanted to preserve the security of his life-style.
survive live longer than;remain alive after survive one's usefulness some people believe that only the strongest should survive
valid supported by facts or authority;sound;true valid for Rita hat valid reasons for denouncing her father's way of life.
variety lack of sameness;a number of different things a variety of The show featured a variety of entertainment.
weird mysterious;unearthly   bedky had a weird feeling after swallouwing the pills.
century 100 years   The United States is more than two centruies old.
challenge call to fight rise to the challenge No one bothered to challenge the prominent lawyer.
conclude end;finish;decide (and) to conclude The gloomy day concluded with a thunderstorm.
document something handwirttem or printed that gives information or proof of some fact.   The gloomy day concluded with a thunderstorm.
ignore pay no attention to;disregard   Little Alice realized that if she didn't behave, her parents would ignore her.
lack be entirely without something;have not enough. for [by, from, through] lack of His problem was that he lacked a variety of talents.
miniature represented on a small scale   We were seeking a miniature model of the bulky chess set.
rage violent anger;something that arouses intense but brief enthuslasm.    
resist act against;strive against;oppose   Totie could not resist eating the chocolate sundae.
source place from which something comes or is obtained   The source of Buddy's trouble was boredom.
undeniable not to be denied;cannot be questioned.   The jury concluded that the teenagers were undeniably guilty.
vicinity region near a place;neighborhood in the vicinity of The torrent of rain fell only in our vicitity.
compete try hard to get something wanted by others; be a rival compete against(with)/for Steffi Graf was challenged to compete for the tennis title.
dread look forward to with fear; fear greatly; causing great fear dread to do/doing/that/wh The poor student dreated going to school each morning.
excel be better than; do better than excel in Because he was so small, Larry could not excel in sports
feminine of women or girls   When my sister wants to look feminine she change from dungarees into a dress.
flexible easily bent; willing to yield   The toy was flexible, and the baby could bend it easily.
masculine of man; male   The boy became more masculine as he got older.
menace threat menace to/with Irv's lack of respect made him a menace to his parents.
mount get up on mount on/with Congressman Gingrich mounted the platform to make his speech.\
numerous very many; several   Critics review numerous movies every week.
tendency leaning; movement in a certain direction tendency to/toward My algebra teacher has a tendence to forget the students' names.
underestimate set too low a value, amount, or rate   I admit that I underestimated the power in the bulky fighter's frame.
victorious having won a victory;conquering victorious over/in Playing in New Jersey, the Giants were victorious two years in a row.
absurd plainly not true of sensible; foolish   It was absurd to believe the fisherman's tall tale.

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