برق. قدرت. کنترل. الکترونیک. مخابرات. تاسیسات.

دایره المعارف تاسیسات برق (اطلاعات عمومی برق)

11 conflict direct opposition; disagreement in conflict with The class mediation team was invited to settle the conflict.
11 decade ten years   Many people moved out of this city in the last decade.
11 evidence that which makes clear the truth or falsehood of something in evidence Our teacher ignored the evidence that Simon hat cheated on the test.
11 fiction that which is inagined or made up   The story that the president hat died was fiction.
11 frequent happening often; occurring repeatedly   On frequent occasions Sam fell asleep in class.
11 glimpse a short,quick view catch [get, have] a glimpse of The morning we caught our first glimpse o the beautiful shoreline.
11 hesitate fail to act quickly; be undecided   Nora hesitated to accept the challenge.
11 minority smaller number or part;less than half   Blacks are a minority group in the United States.
11 recent done, made, or occurring not long ago   Bessie liked the old silent movies better than the more recent ones.
11 solitary alone;single;only   Sid's solitary manner kept him form making new friendships.
11 vision power of seeing; sense of sight see visions The glasses that Irma bought corrected her near-sighted vision.
12 abolish do away with completely; put an end to   My school has abolished final exams altogether.
12 adequate as much as is needed;fully sufficient   Carlos was adequate at his job but he wasn't great.
12 audible able to be heard   From across the room, the theacher's voice was barely audible.
12 decrease make or become less be on the decrease The landlord promised to decrease our rent.
12 frank free in expressing one's real thoughts, opinions, or feelings; nto hiding what is in one's mind to be frank with you Never underestimate the value of being frank with one another.
12 ignite set on fire   One math can ignite an entire forest.
12 pollute make dirty   The Atlantic Ocean is in danger of becoming polluted.
12 population peple of a city of country   China has the largest population of a city or country
12 prohibit forbid by law or authority prohibited articles The law prohibits the use of guns to settle a conflict.
12 reveal make known reveal oneself The evidence was revealed only after hours of questioning.
12 urban of or having to do with cities or towns   Many businessses open offices in urban areas.
12 urgent demanding immediate action or attention;important   An urgent telephone call was made to the company's treasurer.
13 commence begin; start commence to/~ing Graduation will commence at ten o'clock.
13 editor person who prepares a publication; one who corrects a manuscript and helps to improve it   The student was proud to be the editor of the school newspaper.
13 famine starvation; great shortage   The rumor of a famine in Europe was purely fiction.
13 gleam a flash or beam of light   A gleam of light shone through the prison window.
13 hazy misty; smoky; unclear   The vicinity of London is known to be hazy.
13 identify recognize as being, or show to be, a certain person or thing; prove to be the same identify A with B Numerous witnesses identified the butcher as the thief.
13 journalist one who writes for, edites, manages, or produces a newspaper or magazine   There were four journalists covering the murder story.
13 migrate move from one place to another migrate from A to B My grandfather migrated to New York from Italy in 1919.
13 observant quick to notice; watchful be observant of Because Cato was observant, he was able to reveal the thief's name.
13 persist continue firmlu; refuse to stop or be changed persist in The humid weather persisted all summer.
13 revive bring back or come back to life or consciousness   The nurses tried to revive the heart attack victim.
13 vessel a ship; a hollow container; tube containing body fluid   My father burst a blood vessel when he got the bill from the garage.
14 bewildered confused completely; puzzled   The lawyer was bewildered by his client's lack of interest in the case.
14 brawl a noisy quarrel or fight   The journalist covered all the details of the brawl in the park.
14 brutal coarse and savage; like a brute; cruel   Dozens of employees quit the job because the boss was brutal to them.
14 duplicate an exact copy; make an exact copy of; repeat exactly   Elliott tried to deceive Mrs.Held by making a duplicate of my paper.
14 opponent person who is on the other side of a fight, game, or discussion; person fighting, struggling or speaking against another   The Russian chess player underestimated his opponent and lost.
14 rival person who wants and tries to get the same thing as another; one who tries to equal or do better than another   The boxer devised an attack that would help him to be victorious over his young rival
14 thrust push with force   Once the jet engine was ignited, it thrust the rocket from the ground.
14 underdog person having the worst of any struggle; one who is expected to lose   Minority groups complain about being the underdog in this century.
14 unruly hard to rule or contro;lawless   Unruly behavior is prohibited at the pool
14 vicious evil;wicked;savage   Liza was unpopular because she was vicious to people she had just met.
14 violent acting or done with strong; rough force   Carefully, very carefully, we approached the violent man.
14 whirling turning or   The space vessel was whirling around before it landed on earth.
15 alter make different;change;vary alter for the better I altered my typical lunch and had a steak instead.
15 casual happening by chance; not planned or expected;not calling attention to itself   The bartender made a casual remark about the brawl in the backroom.
15 expand increase in size;enlarge;swell   we will expand our business as soon as we locate a new building.
15 fortunate having good luck;lucky   It is fortunate that the famine did not affect our village.
15 innovative fresh;clever;having new ideas   The innovative ads for the candy won many new customers.
15 mature ripe;fully grown or developed   It is essenteal that you behave in a mature way in the business world.
15 pioneer one who goes first or prepares a way for others   England was a pioneer in building large vesels for tourists.
15 pledge promise take a pledge Monte was reluctant to pledge his loyalty to his new girlfriend.
15 pursue follow;proceed along   Ernie rowed up the river, pursuing it to its source.
15 revise change; alter;bring up to date   Under the revised rules, Shane was eliminated from competing.
15 sacred worthy of respect; holy hold sacred It was revealed by the journalist that the sacred temple had been torn down.
15 unanimous in complete agreement   The class was unanimous in wanting to eliminate study halls.
16 accurate exactly right as the result of care or pains   In writing on the topic, Vergil used accurate information.
16 capacity amount of room or space inside; larges amount that can be held by a container   The gasoline capsule had a capacity of 500 gallons.
16 cautious very careful; never taking chances   Be cautious when you choose your opponent.
16 confident firmly believing; certain; sure   Annette was confident she would do well as a nurse.
16 doubt not believe; not be sure of; feel uncertain about; lack of certainty doubt of We don't doubt that the tradition of marriage will continue.
16 grateful feeling gratitude; thankful   The majority of pupils felt grateful for Mr.Ash's help.
16 microscope instrument with a lens for making objects larger so that one can see things more clearly   The students used a microscope to see the miniature insect.
16 penetrate get into or through penetrate into The thieves penetrated the bank's security and stolen the money.
16 pierce go into; go through; penetrate pierce through I tried to ignore his bad violin playing, but the sound was piercing.
16 slender long and thin; limited; slight   There was only a slender chance that you could conceal the truth.
16 surpass do better than; be greater than; excel surpass in Most farmers believe that rural life far surpasses urban living.
16 vast very great; enormous   Our campus always seems vast to new students.
17 addict one who cannot break away from a habit or practice; addicted unable to break a habit    
17 appeal attraction; interest; to urge    
17 avoid away from; keep out of the way of    
17 aware knowing; realizing    
17 harsh rough to the touch, taste, eye, or ear; sharp    
17 keg small barrel, usually holding less than ten gallons    
17 misfortune bad luck    
17 nourish make or keep alive and well, with food; feed; develop an attitude    
17 opt choose or favor; select    
17 quantity amount    
17 wary on one's guard against danger or trickery; cautious    
17 wretched very unsatisfactory; miserable    
18 budget estimate of the amount of money that can be spent for different purpose in a given time    
18 economical not wasting money or time    
18 glance to look at quickly; a quick look    
18 horrid terrible; frightful    
18 ingenious having great mental ability; clever    
18 lubricate make smooth and easy to work by putting on oil, grease, or similar substance    
18 manipulate handle or treat skillfully    
18 nimble active and sure-footed; quick miving; light and quick    
18 pedestrian person who goes on foot; walker    
18 rave talk wildly    
18 reckless careless; heedless; wild    
18 tragedy a very sad or terrible happening; a sad play    
19 absorb take in or suck up (liquids); interest greatly    
19 abundant more than enough; very plentiful    
19 appropriate fit; set apart for some special use    
19 ban prohibit; forbid    
19 calculate find out by adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing; figure    
19 estimate form a judgment or opinion about; guess    
19 harvest gathering in of grain or other food crops    
19 morsel a small bite; mouthful; tiny amount    
19 panic unreasoning fear; fear spreading through a group of people so that they lose control of themselves    
19 quota share of a total due from or to a particular state, district, person, etc.    
19 threat sign or cause of possible evil or harm    
19 uneasy restless; disturbed; anxious    
20 ambush a trap in which soldiers or other enemies hide to make a surprise attack    
20 captive prisoner    
20 crafty skillful in deceiving others; sly; tricky    
20 defiant openly resisting; challenging    
20 devour eat hungrily; absorb completely; take in greedily    
20 emerge come out; come up; come into view    
20 fragile easily broken, damaged, or destroyed; delicate    
20 jagged with sharp points sticking out; unevenly cut or torn    
20 linger stay on; go slowly as if unwilling to leave    
20 perish be destroyed; die    
20 prosper be successful; have good fortune    
20 vigor active strength or force    
21 anticipate look forward to; expect    
21 baffle be too hard to understand or solve    
21 collide come together with force    
21 confirm prove to be true or correct; make certain    
21 detour a roundabout way    
21 dilemma situation requiring a choice between two evils; a difficult choice    
21 merit goodness; worth; value    
21 plea request; appeal; that which is asked of another    
21 relieve make less; makeeasier; reduce the pain of; replace; release; free    
21 transmit send over; pass on; pass along; let through    
21 verify prove to be true; confirm    

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