برق. قدرت. کنترل. الکترونیک. مخابرات. تاسیسات.

دایره المعارف تاسیسات برق (اطلاعات عمومی برق)

21 weary tired    
22 acknowledge admit to be true    
22 beneficiary person who receives benefit    
22 delinquent an offender; criminal; behind time    
22 deprive take away from by force    
22 homicide a killing of one human being by another; murder    
22 justice just conduct; fair dealing    
22 penalize declare punishable by law or rule; set a penalty for    
22 reject refuse to take, use, believe, consider, grant, etc.    
22 spouse husband or wife    
22 unstable not firmly fixed; easily moved or overthrown    
22 vocation occupation; business; professioin; trade    
22 warden keeper; guard; person in charge of a prison    
23 embrace hug one another; a hug    
23 exhibit display; show    
23 extract pull out or draw out, usually with sone effort    
23 forbid order someone not to do something; make a rule against    
23 logical reasonable; reasonably expected    
23 partial not complete; not total    
23 precaution measures taken beforehand; foresight    
23 prior coming before; earlier    
23 proceed go on after having stopped; move forward    
23 rarely seldom; not often    
23 reptile a cold blooded animal that creeps or crawls; snake, lizards, furtles, alligators, and crocodiles    
23 valiant brave; courageous    
24 authority the right to command or enforce obedience; power delegated to another; an author or volume that may be appealed to in support of an action or belief    
24 consider think about in order to decide    
24 detest dislike very much; hate    
24 encourage give courage to; increase the confidence of    
24 fierce savage; wild    
24 neutral on neither side of a quarrel or war    
24 scowl look angry by lowering the sysbrows; frown    
24 sneer show scorn or contempt by looks or words; a scornful look or remark    
24 symbol something that stands for or represents something else    
24 trifle a small amount; little bit; something of little value    
24 vermin small animals that are troublesome or destructive; fleas, bedbugs, lice, rats and mice are vermin    
24 wail cry loud and long because of grief or pain    
25 abroad outside one's country; going around; far and wide    
25 architect a person who makes plans for buildings and other structure; a maker; a creator    
25 baggage the trunks and suitcases a person takes when he or she travels; an army's equipment    
25 bigamy having two wives or two husbands at the same time    
25 calamity a great misfortune; serious trouble    
25 collapse a breakdown; to fall in; break down; fail suddenly; fold together    
25 envy jealousy; the object of jealousy; to feel jealous    
25 fugitive a runaway    
25 matrimony married life; ceremony of marriage    
25 pauper a very poor person    
25 prosecute bring before a court; follow up; carry on    
25 squander spend foolishly; waste    
26 awesome causing or showing great fear;wonder, or respect   The atom bomb is an awesome achievement for mankind.
26 awkward clumsy;not well-suited to use;not easily managed;embarrassing   Slow down because this is an awkward corner to turn.
26 beckon signal by a motion of the hand or head;attract   Greg responded quickly to the question.
26 betray give away to the enemy;be unfaithful;mislead;show   Nick's awkward motions betrayed his nervousnesss.
26 compel force;get by force   Heavy floods compelled us to stop.
26 guide a person who shows the way;to direct;to manage   Touists often hire guides.
26 pacify make calm;quite down;bring peace to   This toy should pacity that screaming baby.
26 possible able to be, be done, or happen   Call me tomorrow evening if possible.
26 quench put an end to;drown or put out   Foam will quench an oil fire.
26 respond answer;react   Greg responded quickly to the question.
26 utter speak;make known;express   When Violet accidentally stipped on the nail, she uttered a sharp cry of pain.
26 venture a daring undertaking;an attempt to make money by taking business risks;to dare;to expose to risk   Medics venturd their lives to save wounded soldiers.
27 cease stop   Cease trying to do more than you can.
27 despite in spite of   Despite his size, Ted put up a good fight.
27 disrupt upset;cause to break down   Pam's clowning dis rupted the clas every daty.
27 exhaust empty completely; use up; tire out   To exhaust the city's water supply would be a calaimity.
27 feeble weak   we heard a feeble cy from the exhauted child.
27 miserly stingy; like a miser   A miserly person rarely has any friends.
27 monarch king or queen; ruler   There are few modern nations that are governed by monarch.
27 rapid very quick;swift   we took a rapid walk around the camp before breakfast.
27 rash a breaking out with many small red spots on the skin;   the report of a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood was exagerated.
27 severity strictness; harshness; plainness; violence   The severity of the teacher was not appreciated y the pupils until they reached the final examinations.
27 thrifty saving; careful in spending; thriving   By being thrifty, iss Benson managed to ger along on her small income.
27 unite join together; become one   the thirteen colonies united to form one country.
28 balt anthing,especially food,used to attract fish or other animals so that they may be caught; anything used to tempt or attract a person to begin something he or she does not wish to do;to put bait on(a hook) or in(a trip);tormet by unkind or annoying remarks   The secret of sucessful trout fishing is finding the right bait.
28 censor person who tells others how they ought to behave; one who changes books, plays and other works so as to make them acceptable to the government; to make changes in   Some governments, national and local, censor books.
28 culprit offender; person guilty of a fault or crime   Who is the culprit who has eaten the strawberries?
28 disaster an event that causes much suffering or loss   The hurricane's violent winds brought disaster to the coastal town.
28 disclose uncover; make known   This letter discloses the source of his fortune.
28 excessive too much; too greate; extreme   The inhabitants of arizona are unaccustomed to excessive rain.
28 illustrate make clear or explain by stories, examples, comparisons, or other means; server as an example   These stories illustrate Mark Twain's serious side.
28 insist keep firmly to some demand, statement, or position   She insisted that Sal was not jealous of his twin brother.
28 juvenile young; youthful; of or for boys and girls   Paula is still young enough to wear juvenile fashions.
28 outlaw an exile; an outcast; a criminal; to declare unlawful   Congress has outlawed the sale of certain drugs.
28 promote raise in rank or importance; help to grow and develop; help to organize   Students who pass the test will be promoted to the next grade.
28 undernourished not sufficiently fed   the undernourished child was so feeble he could hardly walk.
29 blunder stupid mistake; to make a stupid mistake; stumble; say clumsily   The exhausted boy blundered through the woods.
29 commend praise; hand over for safekeeping   Florence commended the baby to her aunt's care.
29 comprehend understand   My parents say that they cannot comprehent today's music.
29 daze confuse   Dazed by the flashlight, Maria blundered down the steps.
29 exempt make free from ; freed from   School property is exempt from most taxes.
29 final coming last; deciding   The final week of the term is rapidly approaching.
29 mourn grieve; feel or show sorrow for   We need not mourn over trifles.
29 repetition act of doing or saying again   Any repetition of such unruly behavior will be punished.
29 subside sink to a lower level; grow less   The waves subsided when the winds ceased to blow.
29 toil hard work; to work hard; move with difficulty   The feeble old man toiled up the hill.
29 vain having too much pride in one's ability, looks, etc; of no use   Josephine is quite vain about her beauty.
30 appoint decide on; set a time or place; choose for a position; equip or furnish   the library was apointed as the best place for the urgent meeting.
30 attract draw to oneself; win the attention and liking of   The magnet attracted the iron particles.
30 depict represent by drawing or painting; describe   The artist ant the author both tried to depict the sunset's bearty.
30 morality the right or wrong of an action; virtue; a set of rules or principles of conduct   The two monarchs were mortal enemies.
30 mortal sure to die sometime; pertaining to man; deadly; pertaining to or causing death   The two monarchs were mortal enemies.
30 novel new; strange; a long story with characters and plot   the novel plan caused some unforeseen problems.
30 occupant person in possession of a house, office, or position   The occupant of the car beckoned us to follow him.
30 quarter region; section; (quarters) a place to live; to provide a place to live   Ellen moved to the French Quarter of our city.
30 quote repeat exactly the words of another or a passage from a book; that is, something that is repeated exactly; give the price of; a quotation   she often quotes her spouse to prove a point.
30 roam wander; go about with no special plan or aim   A variety of animals once roamed our land.
30 site position or place(of anthing)   the agent insisted that the house had one of the best sites in town.
30 verse a short divisio of a chapter in the Bible; a single line or a group of lines of poetry   Several verses of a religious nature were contained the document.
31 confine keep in; hold in   Polio confined President Roosevelt to a wheelchair.
31 cummuter one who travels regulary, especially over a considerable distance, between home and work   Have your commuter's ticket verified by the conductor.
31 dispute disagree; oppose; try to win; a debate or disaggrement   Our patriotic soldies disputed every inch of ground during the battle.
31 fertile bearing seeds or fruit; producing much of anything   Chicks hatch form fertile eggs.
31 idle not doing anything; not busy; lazy; without any good reason or cause; to waste(time)   do nto deceive yorself into thinding that these are just edle rumors.
31 idol a thing usually an image, that is worshiped; a person or thing that is loved very much   This small metal idol illustrates the art of ancient Rome.
31 jest joke; fun; mockery; thing to be laughed at; to joke; poke fun   do not jest about matters of morality.
31 lunatic crazy person; insane; extremely foolish   Only a lunatic would willingly descent into the onster's cave.
31 patriotic loving one's country; showing love and loyal wupport for one's country   It is patriotic to accept our responsibilities to your country.
31 uneventful without important or striking happenings   Our annual class outing proved quite uneventful.
31 valor bravery; courage   The valor of the Vietnam veterans deserves the highest commendation.
31 vein mood; a blood vessel that carries blood to the heart; a crack or seam in a rock filled with a different mineral   a vein of lunacy seemed to run in the family.
32 colleague associate; fellow worker   We must rescue our colleagues form their wretched condition.
32 diminish make or become smaller in size, amount or importance   The excessive heat diminished as the sun went down.
32 distress great pain or sorrow; misforturn; dangerous or difficult situation; to cause pain or make unhappy   The family was in great distress over the accident that maimed Kenny.
32 flee run away; go quickly   The fleeing outlaws were pursued by the police.
32 loyalty faithfulness to a person, government, idea, custom, or the like   The monarch referred to his knights' loyalty with pride.
32 maximum greatest amount; greatest possible   We would like to exhibit this rare collection to the maximum number of visitors.
32 mythology legends or stories that usually attempt to explaing something in nature   The story of proserpina and Ceres explaining the seasons is typical of Greek mythology.
32 provide to supply; to state as a condition; to prepare for or against some situation   How can we provide job opportunities form all our graduates?
32 refer hand over; send, direct or turn for information, help, or action;(refer to) direct attention to or speak about; assign to or thing of as caused by   Let us refer the dispute th the dean.
32 signify mean; be a sign of; make known by signs, words, or actions; have importance   "Oh!" signifies surprise.

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