برق. قدرت. کنترل. الکترونیک. مخابرات. تاسیسات.

دایره المعارف تاسیسات برق (اطلاعات عمومی برق)

32 torment cause very great pain to; worry or annoy very much; cause of very great pain; very great pain   Persistent headaches tormented him.
32 vulnerable capable of being injured; open to attack, sensitive to criticism, influences, ect   Achilles was vulnerable only in his heel.
33 abuse make bad use of; use wrongly; treat badly; scold very severely; bad or wrong use; bad treatment   Those who abuse the privileges of the honor system will be penalized.
33 hinder hold back; make hard to do   Deep mud hindered travel in urban centers.
33 jolly merry; full of fun   When the jolly laughter subsided, the pirates began the serious business of dividing the gold.
33 lecture speech or planned talk; a scolding; to scold   Rarely have I heard a lecture with auch clear illustraitons.
33 mumble speak indistinctly   Ricky mumbled his awkward apology.
33 mute silent; unable to speak   The usually defiant chil stood mute before the pincipal.
33 prejudice an opinion formed without taking time and care to judge fairly; to harm or injure   the witness's weird behavior prejudiced Nancy's case.
33 retain keep; remember; employ by payment of a fee   Like the majority of people, I can retain the tune but not the words of a song.
33 shrill having a high pitch; high and sharp in sound; piercing   despite their small ize, crickets make very shrill noises.
33 volunteer person who enters any service of his or her own free will; to offer one's services   Terry did not hesitate to volunteer for the most difficult jobs.
33 wad small, soft mass; to roll or crush into a small mass   To decrease the effects of the pressure, the diver put wads of cotton in his ears.
33 witty cleverly amusing   Fay is too slow to appreciate such witty remarks.
34 adolescent growing up to manhood or womanhood; youthful; a person from about 13 to 22 years of age   Our annual rock festival attracts thousands of adolescents.
34 candidate person who is proposed for some office or honor   Each candidate for mayor seemed confident he would be victorious.
34 coeducational having to do with education both sexes in the same school   There has been a masive shift to coeductional shools.
34 precede go before; come before; be higher in rank or importance   Lyndon Johnsom preceded Richard Nixon as president.
34 radical going to the root; fundamental; extreme; person with extreme opinions   The tendency to be vicious and cruel is a radical fault.
34 sensitive receiving impressions readily; easily affected of influenced; easily hurt or offended   The eye is sensitive to light.
34 skim remove from the top; move lightly (over); glide along; read hastily or carelessly   This soup will be more mourishing if you skim off the fat.
34 spontaneous of one's own free will; natural; on the spur of the moment; without rehearsal   The vast crowd burst into spontaneous cheering at the skillful play.
34 temperate not very hot and not very cold; moderate   The United States is mostly in the North Temperate Zone.
34 untidy not neat; not in order   the bachelor's quarters were most untidy.
34 utensil container or tool used for practical purposes   Several utensils were untidily tosed about the kitchen.
34 vaccinate inoculate with vaccine as a protection against smallpox and other diseases   There has been a radical decline in polio since doctors began to vaccinate children with the Salk vaccine.
35 cinema moving picture    
35 discard throw aside    
35 elevate raise; lift up    
35 event happening; important happening; result or outcome; one item in a program of sports    
35 flnance money matters; to provide money for    
35 lottery a scheme for distributing prizes by lot or chance    
35 obtain get; be in use    
35 relate tell; give an account of; connect in thought or meaning    
35 soar fly upward or at a great height; aspire    
35 stationary having a fixed station or place; stading still; not moving; not changing in size; number or activity    
35 subsequent later; following; coming after    
35 vague not definite; not clear; not distinct    
36 harmony situation of getting on well together or going well together; sweet or musical sound    
36 hasty quick; hurried; not well thought out    
36 illegal not lawful; against the law    
36 narcotic drug that produces drowsiness, sleep, dullness or an insensible condition, and lessens pain by dulling the nerves.    
36 prompt quick; on time; done at once; to cause (someone) to do something;remind (someone) of the words or actions needed    
36 redeem buy back; pay off; carry out; set free;make up for    
36 refrain hold back    
36 resume begin again; go on; take again    
36 scorch burn slightly; dry up; criticize sharply    
36 soothe quiet; calm; comfort    
36 sympathetic having or showing kind feelings toward others; approving ; enjoying the same things and getting along well together    
36 tempest violent storm with much wind; a violent disturbance    
37 abide accept and follow out; remain faithful to; dwell;endure    
37 deliberate to consider carefully; intended; done on purpose;slow and careful, as though allowing time to decide what to do    
37 drought long period of dry weather; lack of rain; lack of water; dryness    
37 dwindle become smaller and smaller; shrink    
37 heed give careful attention to; take notice of; careful attention    
37 heir person who has a right to someone's property after that one dies;person who inherits anything    
37 majestic grand; noble; dignified; kingly    
37 summit highest point; top    
37 surplus amount over and above what is needed; excess, extra    
37 traitor person who betrays his or her country, a friend, duty    
37 unify unite; make or form into one    
37 vandal person who wilfully or ignorantly destroys or damages beautiful things    
38 biography the written story of a person's life; the part of literature that consists of biographies    
38 charity generous giving to the poor; institutions form helping the sick, the poor, or the helpless; kindness in judging people's faults    
38 dejected in low spirits; sad    
38 drench wet thoroughly; soak    
38 kneel go down on one's knees; remain on the knees    
38 obedient doing what one is told;willing to obey    
38 recede go back; move back; slope backward; withdraw    
38 swarm group of insects flying of moving about to gether;crowd or great number; to fly or move about in great numbers    
38 tumult noise; uproar; violent disturbance or disorder    
38 tyrant cruel or unjust ruler; cruel master; absolute ruler    
38 verdict decision of a jury; judgment    
38 wobble move unsteadily from side to side    
39 cancel cross out; mark so that it cannot be used; wipe out; call off    
39 clergy persons prepared for religious work; cleargymen as a group    
39 coincide occupy the same place in space; occupy the same time; correspond exactly; agree    
39 contagious spreading by contract, easily spreading from one to another    
39 customary usual    
39 debtor person who owes something to another    
39 depart go away; leave; turn away (from); change; die    
39 legible ablet to be read; easy to read; plain and clear    
39 placard a notice to be posted in a public place; poster    
39 scald pour boiling liquid over; burn with hot liquid or steamp; heat almost to the boiling point    
39 transparent easily seen through; clear    
39 unearth dig up; discover; find out    
40 chiropractor a person who treats ailments by massage and manipulation of the vertebrase and other forms of therapy on the theory that disease results from interference with the normal functioning of the nervous system    
40 edipemic an outbreak of a disease that spreads rapidly, so that many people have it at the same time; widespread    
40 jeopardize risk; endanger    
40 magnify cause to look larger than it really is; make too much of; go beyond the truth in telling    
40 municipal of a city or state; having something to do in the affairs of a city or town    
40 negative saying no; minus; showing the lights and shadows reversed    
40 obesity extreme fatness    
40 obstacle anything that gets in the way or hinder; impediment; obstruction    
40 oral spoken;using speech; of the mouth    
40 pension regular payment that is not wages; to make such a payment    
40 ventilate change the air in; purigy by fresh air; discuss openly    
40 vital having to do with life; necessary to life; causing death, failure or ruin; lively    
41 complacent pleased with oneself; self-satisifed    
41 indifference lack of interest, care, or attention    

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